We Believe….

Professional Expertise

Is access to our highly experienced and dedicated team of technicians who strive to provide innovative yet cost effective solutions for all facility maintenance.


Is our promise to you by delivering a complete service agreement, providing a maintenance program and solutions dedicated to maintaining your facility in a cost effective manner.

Design & Service

Is providing a “Best Adaptable Solution” for all your required maintenance repairs based on our extensive years of experience.

Quality Control

Ensures all potential risks have been identified to eliminate any room for errors. Our technicians will provide a full safety check prior to creating your individual service agreement detailing all areas of concern.

Business Ethics

Is to respect the customers business information and ensure it is kept confidential at all times.

Customer Service

Is to ensure consistent communication with our client whilst providing regular updates and addressing client queries in a timely manner. To minimise the impact upon daily life by using a variety of channels to communicate our intent to commence work via emails, newsletter and notice board posts, thus providing adequate notice to clients and residents.


Is our promise to you that we will deliver our service in a timely and consistent manner. Our technicians to arrive promptly with a presentable appearance and provide outstanding quality of service every time.


Unit 13, 5 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154


Licence: AU43978



1300 727 712